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Increase the profitability of your renewable energy investments, improving commercial profit and increasing energy production with end-to-end Bluence suite.

We are a tech company specialized in supervision and control systems with more than 40+ years of experience in the energy sector.

We have built long-lasting relationships with key global energy sector players and earned the trust of leading renewable energy companies for managing their asset control.

Our management systems are operational in over 3,000 plants worldwide, overseeing more than 165+ GW of electrical power. Isotrol has subsidiaries in Spain, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil, and participates in significant projects across 45+ countries on four continents.

We offer comprehensive solutions for every phase of the renewable project lifecycle, from initial planning and implementation to modernization, maintenance, and financial management.

Our products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from single-plant operators to owners of extensive portfolios. With Bluence, every customer experiences a substantial enhancement to their operations or business.




years of experience




GW managed worldwide

Our history

Isotrol emerges as a spin-off from the University of Seville's School of Engineering, laying the groundwork in the energy industry.
We enter the renewable energy market as a pioneering company in the sector.
Our product goes international, expanding across Europe and the Americas.
We develop a comprehensive suite of products covering the entire lifecycle of renewable assets.
We enter the energy trading market. We join the TKO Group and implement a SaaS product policy.

Covering the world with our solutions

33 GW
North America
16,5 GW
114,8 GW
1,18 GW
Rest of the world

Cutting-edge technology throughout
the entire asset lifecycle

Bluence SCADA
Bluence PPC
Bluence ROCC
Bluence APM
Bluence Trading
Year -3
Development & construction
Year 0
Year 2
Operations & Management
Year 5
Year 13
Year 25

What sets us apart

Services company

Isotrol is a leading technology services company managing the powerful Bluence software platform. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services enables us to deliver unique, tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client and renewable energy project.

Open and Independent

Our software is 100% independent of brands and manufacturers. There are no risks of dependency, facilitating the free incorporation of third parties or new suppliers.


Our solutions are scalable and compatible with a multitude of technologies, systems and manufacturers. They are designed for integration with third parties, facilitating modifications and extensions as the business evolves.


We have extensive experience as integrators. We connect information from different systems, regardless of whether they have been developed by Isotrol or by third parties.

Capable of unifying management under a single system

Centralization: multitechnology, multiplant, multicountry. Our solution is capable of unifying the management of plants with different locations, systems and technologies (wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic, biomass, biogas...) under the same platform.

Support Center for renewable energy plants

Isotrol offers a 24/7 surveillance and monitoring service to ensure a rapid response to possible incidents in plants attached to the CERCOER support center.

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