Funded by the EU (H2020 SU-DS04-2018-2020), ELECTRON is an international investigation project that aims to offer an Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES) next-generation platform, capable of developing the energy systems resilience against cyber and privacy attacks and data breaches.

This project aims to:

Within the consortium, Isotrol will provide its expertise to the work related to cybersecurity applied to SCADA and the energy management point of view, as well as the development of tools for the proactive response to threats and cyberattacks,  concentrating its activities in the development and demonstration of this technology in relevant environments from renewable plants. It will work on the application of all cybersecurity improvements achieved as a result of the execution of the project to its systems, improving the security of these with the latest advances in the state of the art.


International consortium formed by 34 companies, research centers and universities from countries such as Greece, France, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Norway, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy, Luxembourg, Israel and Romania.

Execution period: 2021 – 2024

Website: https://electron-project.eu/


This project has received funding from the EU Research and Innovation program, Horizon 2020, under the grant agreement number 101021936.

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